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$5 to $4


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@safwan - shuteeee! Learn to be helpful, not just a troll (you).

To everyone else who explained the percentage and why, thank you. I know this is why it is. It just needs to be a smaller percentage if it really is only $5. As the money gets higher the percentage gets a bit higher. This is how it ‘should’ be, but of course they will never change it.

One great thing would be if your level status goes up, the percentage drops. That’s what TurboSquid does. This would give me something to actually look forward to as I use (or not use) fiverr.

@pictureduke - Thanks! Much appreciated! 😉 I love your drawings!

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20% did sound a bit high when i got started on fiverr but then i realized how much of that goes in to advertising and generating traffic!

Atm i do freelancing on 4 platforms and the percentage varies between 6%-20%. The platform with the lowest percent does not provide any traffic to my jobs at all while fiverr has the highest percent and the highest traffic.

The key is to plan your gigs with all expenses in mind and adjust your services accordingly!


Get some of that 20% back by running google ads on your sites and blogs (i see fiverr ads on some of my sites all the time)

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