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Communicate with a Buyer or Potential Buyer


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Hi everyone,

I see a lot of posts in the forum from people who say they aren’t getting sales or are having other problems so I decided to write one tip based on my own experiences recently. I’m primarily a seller myself, but I buy gigs as well. From fun stuff to gigs that help me promote my business, I am interested in buying! I am amazed at how much trouble I have had buying a gig. I’ve done so successfully twice out of several tries in the past couple of weeks or so.

I usually contact the seller first just to make sure we are on the same page and most I’ve tried to contact ask you to do so in their gig descriptions. (I prefer it on my gigs too.) One seller I contacted wrote me a very nice reply explaining why they weren’t ready for another gig and it was honest, professional and appreciated. I picked a new seller, a level one, and a level two for three other contact attempts. I chose people who wrote reasonably understandable English and had gigs that looked good. Out of those - none responded at all after 3 days or more. On a fourth try, a new seller with one sale on a different gig did write me back and seemed pleased with the order. I told her I was a seller as well and looked forward to being her second sale and giving her fantastic feedback. Now she is almost 24 hours late on delivery and hasn’t replied to my message asking if she is still planning to deliver. 😦

At this point, I admit I am baffled. Perhaps I assume other people really want or need to build their businesses like I hope to do mine. Perhaps I’m just wrong and this is more like a game to lots of people. However, my tip for sellers today is simple. Respond even if you can’t do the gig - it might lead to another sale. Communicate when you do have an active order, especially if you have problems or are running late. (Fiverr has been down some lately and I am the first to understand how that affects delivery times.) That’s it! Happy selling!

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Hi Fonthaunt,

I want to second what you’ve said. There really is no substitute for good communication, from both ends of the interaction.

Forming close bonds with buyers really starts with having an articulate conversation - and often, the connection this leads to is what helps convert one-time purchases (or even no purchase in some occasions, as you’ve pointed out) to return buyers.


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