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What’s your Fiverr story? Share how you got started on Fiverr and what your Fiverr hopes and dreams are.

This is an old thread that has been closed, but you can read some of the past visitor posts here! Feel free to make your own intro post in this category whether you are new or just have done one for a long time.

You may mention your business and what you do and mention what makes you great on Fiverr, but no gig or profile links are needed. (Your username is a hyperlink to your profile.)

Note: The purpose of this thread is for members to connect with each other. It is not for self-promotion. Feel free to talk about your skills and story, but do not link to your gigs, profile (already hyperlinked from your username) or other URL’s.

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Hi there, I came to Fiverr as a buyer over two years ago. And I’ve been a seller for just shy of a year (About 200 days).

I thought to myself, this is an amazing marketplace. It is like being at the start of eBay all those years ago. I have to crack the code and figure this out.

In my first month, I made it to level 2 seller, and averaged about $10 in sales a day. Currently sales are off about 15%; however, some of that is that I’m on holiday for the month of October. Still, I’m on track to do about $100 a day in sales.

That’s 10x growth in 2 quarters. While that growth is neither sustainable nor necessary. I’ve attracted many great sellers and buyers to Fiverr because I think it’s the coolest marketplace on the PLAYnet.

Of particular importance to me is the community aspect represented by this very forum.

Let’s do this together, friends.

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Well Howdy! I came to Fiverr over 2 years ago after stumbling upon it randomly. I have always taken on freelance work and initially saw Fiverr as a great place to earn quick cash and network with possible long term clients in-between securing my next contract elsewhere (even if it was only a spare 20minutes).

However, as Fiverr started to grow and allow larger orders with ease, and a great way to present extras et, I soon found Fiverr actually made up over 70% of my online income.

Fiverr has really helped me hone my skills and many other things. I even run a popular Fiverr based blog to talk about it and showcase others. Not to mention all the great people I’ve met here 🙂

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Hi guys, I came to Fiverr also two years ago and as I already had a massive social media community I started to offer my gigs in this niche. Since I am not working with bots and eggs but I had a well buildt and carefully “gardened” online community on twitter my gigs became pretty popular. For the first year I made about $100-200 per month which meant 1-2 orders a day but in 2011 I became a top seller and I started to receive many many orders. I think the clue is reliability and proper communication on Fiverr. Nowadays 90% of my online incomes are from Fiverr only and I am thinking how to step to a next level starting a social media marketing enterprise based on my two years experience here.

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I stumbled on fiverr completely by accident as a buyer - a man was offering his CSS coding knowhow.

My motivation for registering as a seller was to help small businesses out. I know how tough it is out there, we’re going thru some of the hardest economical times ever know, and many businesses don’t know the first thing about hiring a voiceover, never mind where to find one!

Hiring a VO thru an agency for just one liner isn’t cost effective for anyone!

It keeps me busy during periods where it’s quiet, and it’s easy enough to manage when I’m voicing for my big clients outside of fiverr.

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My 33 year old sales and marketing company was being reinvented by the economy and attrition of clients and the difficulty in acquiring new clients to make up the losses. I ignored Fiverr for almost a year and then Dec. 22nd, 2011, just 10 months ago, I began a short story writing gig on Fiverr. I second guessed my decision for a few weeks, justifying why I was taking up to two hours to write a 700 word short story, record the audio all for $4.00 net minus a PayPal fee.

I am thankful for the traffic that began immediately. I became a Top Seller in 90 days and enjoyed the status and the pampering with extras. There is another area in my life that has changed because of Fiverr. Because of the feedback I finally accepted the fact that I am a writer after ignoring family and friends comments about my writing over the past few years. Now when people ask what I do I can scrap all that ‘stuff’ I used to try and explain and I simply say I’m a Writer.

I also do Voice Over, Narrations, Newscast and Children’s story’s and FiverrRadio gigs. I do have other ideas but no time to experiment. My tip is to research but don’t mimic what others are offering if you are only trying to ride the coat tales of their popular gigs. Be unique unto yourself and your gig clients will recognize your genuine offers.

What I did for $5 in December 2011, I receive $15 to $55 today. Yes, I still do $5 gigs without extra’s purchased and I give them their value. I have had a few $100 to $150 gigs for writing 3000 word eBooks. And here is another tip. If your gig allows custom requests and custom quotes for those requests, I also add fiverr fees too. A $100 gig becomes $120.

Fiverr deserves their 20% for all they do for us. I’ve completed about 600 gigs in the past 10 months and my earnings are growing in dollars but just as important, my reputation has grown, my confidence and who knows, one day I may be recognized by that account who wants to have an ongoing relationship for what I do and add some zero’s to by gigs.

I know this has been a long post….but I have this disadvantage, I’m a short story writer.

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I joined fiverr about 1 year ago and have made around $1000 so far to date. Not much but one thing I am proud of is that my burning desire for customer service and my great responses to buyers and following rules netted me “Top Rated Seller” I just hope this will help me get a lot more busy. In the past two months my sales have increased which I am happy about.

Thanks Fiverr Team

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Hi guys and gals,

My name is Jaymes and I am a Marketing & Communications Manager at an international-based company.

I absolutely love what I do, e.g. Marketing, Management, Advertising, Research, SEO, etc. but my real passion is writing. People keep telling me that “no one reads anymore because we’ve entered the tablet, phablet, and smartphone era”. Utterers of such words might be right, but the companies I work write for obviously never got the memo.

I receive tons of enquiries (from Fiverr and externally) from companies that need press releases, blog posts, articles, and above all else, proper, marketable content that they can use to entice potential customers and Google.

I joined the Fiverr ranks in September 2011 and it wasn’t long before I found my forte - Press Releases!

I provide a professional press release service (100 words only) and have thus far kept my 100% successful standing and have a host of repeat business.

Many people tell me that I should offer more than 100 words. No thank you. I am not one to brag (so expect a right old brag right about now), but I provide professional press releases; you know, the ones that PR and Ad agencies sell for around $150. I believe that I am already selling myself short, but I do this for the enjoyment, not the $4.

Every business needs a writer. I am a damn good one (end of brag).

Before I go, let me give you all a bit of advice. Find a topic that you’re good at, stick with it, get better at it, and see the sales come flooding your way. Also, don’t forget to work with a smile. Trust me, it shows in your work.

Speak to you soon Fiverrites.

Warm regards,

Jaymes, Kaprico

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I am Kiril and I’m from Bulgaria. I’ve started using Fiverr about a year ago and from several months until now I’ve been Level 2. Selling gigs is indeed very nice thing to do especially when the whole process is so flawless.

It’s good to use a website like Fiverr, a lot of people here share their knowledge and show how creativity of people can bring them good profits.

Good luck to all Fiverr sellers!



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I cant recall when I became a member. I dabbled. And still don’t push my gigs like I should. But, they do call upon my creative skills ( I create gif ads for craigslist) But, I need to step it up. I’m going to start creating video bits… and see there that takes me. I could use some extra cash that I can create on my own time. Heck, Im an actor. lol… Would love to connect with you on all the social media thats out there… facebook/thedavidbeach pinterest…linked in… etc…lol…oh… and if ya need a craigslist ad…umm let me know 😉

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I’m Radek and I’m working as a graphic designer/photographer for almost 8 years now, but on fiverr from june 2012.

I would never have thought, that I’ll get any order here. But life is full of surprises.

Now I have almost hundred orders done, earned about $570. But the most important thing for me is that my buyers are fully satisfied with my work. It’s the best thing you can get from the fiverr.

I hope that in the near future my sales will increase at least twice. Because there is nothing better than working with things that you love.

Thank you fiverr and good luck to all sellers!

Kind regards,

Radek, Poland

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Hi there, only been active for little over a month and a half now, though have had a fiverr account for nearly 2 years.

Recently figured I could apply my amateur photography skills and loft space into earning some extra cash by doing video testimonials, i’ve made $1028 in that month and a half 🙂

It has really been overwhelming, I am in the process of moving to London and changing job, so keeping up with the demand has been pretty tough, but i’m hoping once i’m settled I will be able to expand my gig portfolio. Any suggestions would be welcome 🙂

I’ve never produced videos before, but really enjoy the work I do on fiverr, i’m improving with time, will hopefully re-invest some of the money I have earned into better equiptment and it is actually helping boost my confidence in the real world.

Really glad I made the decision to come back to this site and love the concept and community - and thank you fiverr staff for making me a super seller, has really made the order process simpler!



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I’m a mom to an autistic child, and a freelance foodie writer I found out about fiverr from my friend.

I have enjoyed using it as a buyer. Now I’m a seller. Using fiverr to earn some extra money to get an Ipad for my son, as an aide to help him with learning and speech. Please feel free to share with me some tips on promoting my gigs.

I’m still new to fiverr. Trying to promote my gigs and learn how to become a number 2 seller.

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Hey folks…

Robert is the name and during the day i’m an animation artist at a studio here in Romania… As the dark falls i transform into a superhero with the pen and the tablet as my weapons. I enjoy creating paintings from photographs and since I was already doing it for my family an friends i thought i should offer my service on Fiverr.

I’m still relatively new to fiverr, i have only one active gig with another one cooking in the oven right now. Trying to learn as i go and hopefully i will get some more sales 🙂

In the end I would like to congratulate Fiverr for creating this forum because it will be an endless source of knowledge.



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Hello everyone.

The first, Im sorry if my texts make you laugh :)). Im not good at English but I will try to introduce myself 🙂

Im Vietnamese, Im 32 year old and now Im work as an IT expert for VietNam Telecoms National.

I came to Fiverr 4 months ago, Now Im level 2 seller :). I always to my best to completed all gigs. I have over 70 completed gigs with 100% rating :). Firrver is my hobby. It’s so awesome.

I love everyone, buyer, other seller. Our community is so great

Best Regards,


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Hi, everybody!

Call me Jason. I started with Fiverr in late 2010 when this was a new site. I have gigs with order numbers that are only four digits long if that tells you anything. Back then you couldn’t even withdraw your money unless you had a balance of at least $40.

I got really busy and sort of forgot about the site for a while. I rediscovered it a couple of months ago and resumed offering writing services. I write content and my gigs had me working on topics ranging from the health benefits of saunas to the history of the Bronx to beer brewed with dead mice. It’s been quite a ride here at Fiverr!

I only keep my gigs open three or four days a week so I probably never will reach level 2 status. It’s alright though. I enjoy my work here and I have learner lots.

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I am a Flash developer - programmer - designer - animator.

I came to fiverr to earn a bit of extra cash, my very first customer did give me a real hard time, he was a pain in the a**, but because it was my very first customer, I put up with it and eventualy got a positivi feedback.

From then on, I often get Flash job offers, so far I have 100% positive feedback, one of the reason for this is because, I only take on the jobs I like to do and the second is if I like the customers attitude, and I wil do a good job. other than this I will refuse the work as I know that would be going towards a negative feedback, I had to refuse many jobs because I just did not like the way they approach you, I immediately sense that it will not even be woth responding to their job offer, However, I always answer my job offerts even if I dont want to do them.

The only thing about Fiverr I do not like is the fact that I have to wait 2 whole weeks for my $4 to clear!, that just doesnt seem to be fair.


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I have been on Fiverr since 2 years and have enjoyed it to the fullest. I am offering content writing as well as graphic designing services. My motto is to over-deliver and this is why my clients are attracted to place their orders repeatedly.

Fiverr.com is a great place for everyone whether they are looking for a part-time or full-time job. The fiverr community is simply amazing and their support system is always ready to help 24x7.

In short, Fiverr is a great place to be!!

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