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Offer Discount for your gig?


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I know there is no coupon code feature, but was wondering if there was a safe, reliable way to offer a discount or BOGO on one of my gigs? I am looking to promote a little on my twitter account, as I am starting to get some followers.

Is there a way to do this? I have seen people offering a limited number of discounts or coupon codes, but not sure how they implement or how they can be trusted that they have fulfilled that limited ammt.

I thought maybe the idea: upon ordering a gig, contacting me with the said coupon code?


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Absolutely not, if you want to attract more customers you can offer to do more work. 50% more twitter followers for example. But remember that the basic gig is $5, if someone thinks that’s too expensive, you don’t want that person as a client. You want the guy that buys $5 today, $20 tomorrow, $90 in a month. You want repeat customers and lots of new buyers. That can’t happen until you start getting lots of reviews. What you name your gigs also matters.

For example: I will proofread up to 1,000 words.

Then they order the gig extra and you proofread 2,000 like they said.

Or if you really want to be competitive, offer to proofread up to 2,000, and 2,000 more with a gig extra. Once you become level to, you can proofread 500 for $5 and then charge $5 for another 500, $10 for 1,000, etc.

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