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What Lesson Did You Learn The Hard Way? (Secrets for Success)


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On 11/9/2022 at 11:37 PM, atawin said:

Would you recommend handling this type of situation by sending custom offers, or having them reorder the original gig, or is there a third option you go with?

It would be decided on a project by project basis, but I would send them a custom offer that is discounted. Sometimes just $10 depending on the changes. Its for the principal of it all, not worried about the $. If its as simple as changing a word or 2, I just do it free. If its more complex, moving around images, redesigning a portion of the card, I'd charge more.

On 11/9/2022 at 11:57 PM, williambryan392 said:

7) Buyers that say 'because I only need / because it's easy can you do it for X' - If it was easy then you'd probably do it yourself. Advice- avoid these buyers.


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Good topic @kaneswriting! I enjoyed reading everyone's input on this thread. 🥰

Here are my key learnings:

1. Know what you can and can't control (and spend your energies and time accordingly). Don't waste time worrying about things that are outside of your control and don't blame things that you can control on external factors. Success depends on taking the right action leading to desired results.

2. Set clear boundaries with your customers. A lot of my "bad" customers were just a result of me not standing up for myself by setting clear boundaries. I didn't know how to say "no" and was bending over backwards (at my own expense and sanity). Once I started to set clear boundaries, I found out that most buyers were more than happy to respect them.

3. Customer Support helps sellers. For the longest time, I thought Customer Service was only pro-buyer. So, I didn't reach out to them as often as I should have. I took the hit for cancelations when I shouldn't have.

4. Don't act on emotions. It pays to be cool-headed. 😎 It shows professionalism and buyers appreciate it when I am level-headed and keep communications logical and productive. I also notice that all my stupid mistakes happen when I act on emotions (e.g., fear, anger, excitement, etc.), so I'll take a break if I need to keep my emotions in check.

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It's not me, it's Karma: she is far harsher and crueler than I could ever be!

I love your profile and gigs by the way, they're crazy good.  

Yep, I'm a great believer in what goes around comes around, both good and bad!

That's very kind of you, it's been a long road of iteration. I had to pause some gigs to decide how to do things going forward. To be honest I'd been a bit negged out recently, but your comment really lifted me. It's amazing what a few nice words can do. Thank you! 

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On 11/9/2022 at 4:35 PM, kaneswriting said:

Hi there, I thought it would be fun to share small lessons we, as sellers, have learned "the hard way". That way, we can learn from one another and hopefully not make the same mistake. Feel free to share your stories and lessons below. 

Why Delivering Early Hurt My Reputation

At the beginning of my journey of selling on Fiverr, I consistently went out of my way to deliver the project as early as possible to exceed the customer's expectations. The method was great except for one fatal flaw. Instead of just sending the project and thanking them for the opportunity to work with them, I would acknowledge how I had gone out of my way to deliver the project early. After a few "early" deliveries, I realised that this acknowledgement worked against me as I was giving off the idea that I had rushed the project. 

The Lesson

If you are going to deliver your project early, do it without any acknowledgement. This alternative method will exceed your customer's expectations and prevent them from thinking you rushed the project. Remember, you want to convey that you are organised, not careless. 

Thanks for reading! 

Totally agree. Also there are some works in wich people think it's better if you take your time. My recommendation is to deliver it as quickly as possible if they ask to, but don't deliver it quick if they want you to take your time, even if you do it in 24 hrs, don't deliver untill the time is right. Otherwise they can believe you are rushing on a fast earning and you didn't do it proper. Otherwise it could lead to a cancelation not for the quality, just because of the situation.

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On 11/18/2022 at 6:50 AM, guru3dart said:

Out of all the challenges freelancers face daily, none are as irritating as a client constantly asking for changes to something you’ve already agreed upon.

“I really like the work, but can we change this and that?”

“Could you please add X?”

“I would really appreciate it if you can do an extra paragraph about subject Y!”

Regardless of what industry you work in, clients requesting revisions an inseparable part of freelancer life. That is why, instead of just getting upset with them and grinding your teeth through the extra work, you should have a specific strategy for dealing with client revisions.

A lesson I learned at school the hard way is that plagiarism is not allowed (I was 7 years old and copied a friends french test) . 

It can get you in trouble and it can get you banned from places. Places such as exams / schools / freelancing platforms and forums.

It can make people think you are not honest and honourable when in fact you are usually. 

It can make people think you don't know much about anything when in fact you do.

It can make mods like me issuing warnings, or potentially ban you from the forum.

You copied the above from another website.

Please don't do it again, it doesn't add value to the forum. 

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