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How to optimize your very 1st gig?


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Guest celticmoon

There are some great posts written to help new Fiverr sellers learn how to promote and optimize their gigs, find buyers, make sales, and so on. Use the forum search box in the upper right corner and type your question (using the key words works best) and you’ll find plenty of posts to keep you busy reading and learning.

I would suggest that you give more information in your gig description. How big are the earrings, what material is used, do you ship just to the US or anywhere, etc. etc.

Good luck~

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you can also leave some mentions about your service in blog comments on various thematic websites. Create a blog on Tumbler and post there interesting thematic content about your service area. You also may use multiple advantages of social network. Create social channel profiles and tell your friends about your new service through them.

That’s the easiest way to get new potential customers.

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