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If My Fiverr Account Flagged? Is My Account Get Any Affect?



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Hi @fivshohan, I've just checked your account, hope you don't mind. It's not flagged, so that's great. You do have one warning, however, rest assured knowing that warnings are intended to educate and promote awareness of the guidelines on the platform. If you need any additional information on this, feel free to check out the account warnings article.

Make sure to read ToS, as well as Forum Rules, it will help you avoid making any further violations in the future. Any additional violation will have a negative impact on your account, as we expect all our members to get familiar with the rules and terms right away.

Welcome to Fiverr and good luck 🍀

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1 hour ago, fivshohan said:

If any buyer cancels order, is it bad affect in my account?

Yes. And it affects even more with the new level system because earlier it impacted your profile/gig for a couple of months and then the stats were reset and the negative effect was gone, but now it's gonna stay with you for a couple of years.

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