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Fiverr's Chatbot says that the success score reflects 30 days (Screenshot Included)

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So I asked the chatbot available at the help/contact us page, the answer says that this metric reflects 30 days, I'm not really sure about that since I've read somewhere that it counts more than a year of work, also my success score seems to not change at all no matter how much orders I've completed.

Can anyone confirm if this is true? (Screenshot below)

30 days.png

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no, fiverrs chat bot was already warned that it will not be taken real, is just a chat gpt bad implemented that will tell you information that is not true a lot of times, there are several other examples here in the forum.

And yes, Customer service is also a chat gpt so you will also find that sometimes it will create fake information just to respond to you.

And yes, it is the worst case scenario, your profile score depends on that same chat gpt that makes fake information and analyse things on the go by random numbers.

Have fun. DOnt take fiver seriously anymore.

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