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My seller is no longer available, what happened to my order?



The due date of my order is in 2 days time, and I tried to contact my seller via inbox messaging, but only to found out that the seller is no longer available. I tried to click on the service link, but the page does not exist anymore. What does that mean?

Somehow I managed to get hold of my seller via the inbox chat of the order, and he told me that he is having some issues with his fiverr account. I have some trust issue with this situation right now. I have contacted the Fiverr via feedback channel but I am afraid that the order will be posted as delivered in 2 days time, and what will happen to the money that I have paid for the order? Will I be able to get it back? What should I do?

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HI @joyskinca,

This means that the seller's account is now restricted and under review.

The system must have detected a violation, so the team needs to look into this all.

However, they can complete any ongoing orders in the meantime and you shouldn't be affected by the changes in their account.

Just to be safe, feel free to contact our Customer Support team and they'll look into it.

Hope this helps ☺️

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Hi All,

Thanks for responding to my question and I am very thankful for all the suggestions given! I have contacted CS and they have cancelled the order because the seller had a violation and has suspended their activity. Though I could continue to work with the seller, I was given mix messages on how he is working on the job, and when I asked for screenshots of some work in progress, he did not send to me still. After the cancelling of the order conducted by Fiverr, he contacted me on my business WhatsApp chat to question about it and asked me about how to deal with the fees which he had paid (hosting fees).

I am more than willing to fork out for the expenses he made, however, the sum was not what was agreed (USD80) before I placed the order with him. He is asking more (USD150) now, which led me to think of how dishonest the seller can be.  I am still seeking for FIverr CS for more advice on my obligations now about this matter. This is getting very frustrating as I have time loss expenses for my business, but all in all, I would like to say that contacting Fiverr CS is the best and the most appropriate way to deal with any orders/sellers on Fiverr, just so that you know that you are in good hands as a buyer.

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