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I am not clear regarding the process for receiving and filling orders.

How am I notified that some buyer has an interest?  Do I contact the potential buyer through Fiverr email to discuss/negotiate a potential order?

How is an order contracted?

Do I send draft files to the buyer for review and approval?  Can the buyer request modifications/additions to an order and if so, how is that handled?

I have searched for guidelines but have not found much definitive information.



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"Get the highest quality orders from the most relevant buyers that are strategically matched to your specific service." https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/4415601609361-Get-matched-with-buyers

Fiverr just oozes strategy.

The feature generally doesn't work. You could try to "set a rate" by entering your highest gig package price and see what happens. Personally, I've found the majority I get (which isn't many at all) to be lacking a ton of information or not related to the service I provide. 

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If you are a buyer on Fiverr, you could put out a request globally on Fiverr. Here is an example:

"I need a graphic designer with experience in.. drawing food. I have a cookbook that I need a designer for and I am willing to pay $100"

The buyer then puts it into a category (like. graphic design), and if your profile is in this category and your minimum filter, under the (Set a rate), is under $100, you will most likely get a notification, and you can message the buyer and try to make them pick you.

I am a translator and most of the time this does not work well for me. I get briefs from languages that I dont speak. I am not sure if the buyer just checks off all languages, or if they dont have an option to categorize the languages. Could be that other skills work better.

So the TLDR is:
It's a system for YOU to reach out to the buyer, instead of the buyer reaching out to you as normal.

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