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Hi everyone! Email marketing, Pro Copywriting, Sales & Editorial Design

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Just wanted to say hi to all! Hope you have fantastic day and future looks bright for you!

Below, just a few words about me. If you need a hand in any area, you're more than welcome!

♦ 15+ years of experience in digital marketing, copywriting and publishing design (editorial design)
♦ Key fields: online sales, digital marketing, email marketing, content marketing, general/sales/business copywriting, editorial design, e-learning, product management.
♦ Open for collabs in english & polish.
♦ Can-do attitude, HQ, effective & on time.

♦ Interests: # Future of humanity in the age of AI - far-reaching possibilities, revolutionary effects, and crucial outcomes of pervasive technology on societies. Positive and negative. # Entrepreneurship


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