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  1. Fiverr never increases success score Hi everyone, My success score has been stuck at 4 for 4 months. I have completed so many orders with amazing feedback from clients. I also focused on effective communication. But the success score is not increasing. Even though it is not decreasing it tells me I am lacking somewhere. I am tired of this platform and want to find another source of income. I have never seen a seller whose success score has increased from 4 to 5. This is a clear bug but Fiverr never accepts it. Instead, they keep sending everyone automated messages. I was a level 2 seller but am now level 0. They never tell how much time it will take to update. I have tried my best and nothing helped. I am demotivated and it seems this issue will never be solved. My gig has a conflict-free issue, but I have not canceled orders in the last 90 days. Do you know anyone whose success score increased and how much time does it take? Thank you!
  2. Can I ask clients about their feedback? I know I should not mention positive 5 star feedback but can I just ask them like " Please share your feedback on the order page"?
  3. Did you success score increased? Please share your experience. My success score is stuck at 4 since 2 months. I was also level 2 seller and now level 0
  4. I don't agree. I always thank every buyer for placing the order. Explain them details about order. Never let clients to end the communication rather I say Thank you! in last message. But still my gig has effective communication negative impact. My account success score is stuck at 4 since 2.5 months.
  5. Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing great. I would like to get your comments on the success score. As we know, many sellers, including myself, have a success score of 4. Have you noticed any changes in your success score after it dropped to 4? Mine has been at 4 for the past 2.5 months. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone, I just experienced that fiverr never update success score regardless of the seller performance. My success score is stuck on 4 since 2 months. I have completed so many orders of old buyers and some new buyers. But this buggy system never update. Today I received 4 stars from a client and my rating suddenly dropped to 4.9 from 5. It means they made changes when sellers lacks somewhere but never look seller good performance. Why they dropped my rating to 4.9 when they said they evaluate the history of orders?????? This platform is definitely going to loose a huge number of sellers.
  7. Same I got many positive reviews and I had no orders canceled in past 60 days. But still my success rate is 4. Fiverr should quickly fix this glitch.
  8. Hi everyone. My success score is not increasing after multiple good reviews. It dropped to 4 on the 8th of April. I have no cancelled orders in the past 60 days but "Conflict-free orders" are negatively impacting. I am really demotivated. I was level 2 seller and now new seller and promoted gigs are also stopped. How many days will it take to increase? Thanks!
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