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Introduction "Moye Moye"

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A little off-topic, but on TikTok now there's a storm in a teacup over the upcoming Olympics in Paris. Apparently the Paris Olympic board, or whatever it has called, did a video with a rap song that used a Very Bad Word in it. An American then went on TikTok to explain why this was wrong and why the board should take down the video and replace the song with something else.

The comments are a highly engaging, vicious culture wars between Europe and America over who does r*cism worse and all the usual sniping that goes on when US v EU arguments come up. I'd say the board did a good job of getting everyone talking about their Olympics! 

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5 hours ago, emmaki said:

But he has American ideas! What can we deduce from this?

That she thinks that mentioning anything American will bring her orders? Hello, American big spenders, buy from me, I have American ideas?

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