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Gig impressions are decreasing


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Hello everyone,

I have a total of 13 gigs. One of them has 72 reviews, while others have 1, 4, 7, and some have none at all. Unfortunately, none of the gigs have been performing well for months.

My concern is that having too many gigs might be affecting the performance of my main gig. I've read that having many gigs can improve impressions and ranking, but I'm wondering if the opposite might be happening in my case. Could having so many gigs be the reason none of them are ranking anymore?

Should I pause some of the other gigs and focus only on my main one?

Thank you for your time.


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You're a seasoned seller, so there is nothing new people can tell which you don't know already. 

But a couple of improvisations you can do for sure:

 - Add gig videos to all the gigs with uplifting motion-picture kinda soundtracks. My SM had suggested that adding a gig video improves gig quality and brings in more buyers.  

 - Primary images for all gigs have a consistent colour scheme, which is a good thing. But to change the drift, you can try different color schemes with fresh layouts for each gig. 

 - Subscribe to Seller Plus Premium (if you have never done so before) and use keyword research for better gig optimization. 

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1 hour ago, sabeeh7707 said:


The first thing is to try to stay online as much as possible. The second thing is to provide only very specific, niche relevant services at the start. One more important point is search keywords have low competition. And at the end, try to convert buyers (as CTR is a ranking signal).

Did that work for you as well?

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Targeted audience: Are you advertising your gig to the people who are most likely to look for your services? Make sure the promotion fits the specialty and target keywords for your gig.
Campaign effectiveness: Are you promoting your target audience using strategies that work? Examine the results of your efforts and, if necessary, modify your approach.

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