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No Orders After Weeks of Posting Gigs: What Am I Doing Wrong?


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I still haven't received any orders despite posting one gig every week. I've tried everything from creating attractive thumbnails to using searchable keywords and descriptions. I've even lowered my prices.

I don't understand the Fiverr audience and am not sure what else I can do.


Screenshot 2024-05-21 194327.png

Screenshot 2024-05-21 194300.png

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1. You're operating in highly saturated categories, so the likelihood of a new gig getting traction is very minimal.  

2. Your bio reminds me of how digital marketing agencies used to make pitches to brands/businesses with zero online presence in the late 2000s. I mean it sounds like spoon-feeding and very old fashioned. As a Digital Marketing Professional in 2024, your language should sound like you belong to 2024. Check the TOP performing gigs in your category, make notes (don't copy/plagiarise) and adopt best practices. 

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