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I know this was already brought up and I commented on it in a different thread, but It should be put in this thread also…


If you are like me, I take pictures all the time. When I am on vacation, at work…( I’m a Pilot) I see a lot of cool things. Funny bummber stickers while going to the store.

With Photo Fiverr, you can upload your pictures that you want to sell, and buyers can purchase 5 pictures for $5 bucks!

Then you can also have the “Request Gig” Green bar on the main page also for people that are looking for a specific picture, or a group of pictures.

I tried to load a sample picture that is under 2MB, but it just keeps saying uploading… uuuggghhh!

Anyway, let me know what you think.

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Reply to @madmoo: Now that you mention it, I think I will try that… My only concern is how do I list the 1000’s of pictures that I have onto a gig page? And there are many categories to break them down in. (Clouds, Sunset, Sunrise, Storms, Airplanes) you get the idea… Also, if I put a bunch of pictures to pick from on the gig, can’t just anyone right click on that picture and save to file?

With regards to the fiverr gig where he has the camera on the outside of the airplane and sends pictures of your sign… that works great for a small airplane that you can mount a camera to and have control of… But I don’t think that the company that I work for would like me putting cameras on all their airplanes. LOL

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