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Worst experience ever! Beware of Gig seller fragglesrock


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I have purchased a proofreading gig with an extra fast (Chinese to English) in which she was very speedy to accept. She said she could do it without a problem and without really looking at what I’ve requested from her. She finished her work in which she proofread English to Chinese. I paid extra to get this done and she asked for another day, in which I was a little skeptical of giving her. However, I gave her a second chance! Probably a huge mistake as she return the document not making sure the proofread was accurate, also missing translations and it looked like she skipped over a lot of lines. She said she did over 4500 lines in less than 8 hours. This is a fairly huge project, and I’ve paid her way more than she deserved, but I just want everyone to be warned about her English/Chinese proofreading or translations skills. I’m not certain about her other gigs, as I will never try nor will I give her another chance. $80 gone down the drain, and to remove this from her profile, she removed the entire gig. So, it’s almost as if it never happened. Please check the screenshot as proof of me being scammed.

Here are some examples of the things she didn’t do well, I have a whole document of her work in which I can’t use but paid for.

line 545, english is "or"

Chinese is "如"

Missed translation, should be for example, or for instance

Line 4477 放弃通缉 -Quit

Line 4478 放弃通缉 –Go 通缉 is missing from the English

Line 4469 点击查看 – View 点击 is missing from the English

Line 4420 我的开启密宝日志 -My Log

Line 4421 全服开启密宝日志 -Server’s Log

开启密宝 is missing from the English

Line 4401 一阶技能(主) -Tier 1 Skill (main) What does Tier 1 mean? Not properly fixed

Line 4391 邀请人数 –Invite

人数 is missing from the English

Again, this is only a few lines out of thousands of her proofread work. I’ve added some more of her mistakes in a file below. Watch out for her other translations as she does German to Chinese, English to German, and of course Chinese to English.

The gig has been removed and the proof is in this URL:


Here’s my feedback:

Mistranslations, grammatical issues, missed a lot of simple words.Huge misunderstanding delaying overall project.Clearly skipped over most of the documents.Very disappointing work, irresponsible work ethics & behavior, poor quality proofreading.I wouldn’t buy another proofreading gig from her again.

Sheriff’s note: calling out of sellers or buyers is NOT allowed on the forum. Contact the seller directly or customer support if necessary

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First off, it’s not allowed to call out users on the forum, and sheriffs will remove that.

Also, it’s not a scam, even though the work is low quality. The two are bedfellows, but not sleeping together if you catch my drift.

Second off, if you are unhappy with it, simply request a mutual cancellation or ask her for a modification. If that doesn’t work, you can always leave negative feedback if you really want. That’s how the system works.

Also, I am not familiar with the extras on Gigs - do the crossed-out lines mean that extra was NOT purchased?

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What am I to do if she has removed her gig so she can hide the feedback of her poor quality work? What’s to stop this person from removing this gig and setting up another similar gig? What’s to stop them from continuing to do this in the community? I don’t see how any of this is protecting the buyer from low quality if they can just erase their gig if they receive a bad feedback.

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I have a simple question to this response: how exactly do we look at someone’s feedbacks if they’ve erased a gig? If I’m not mistaken, a feedback is directly connected to the gig and not directly to the person. If the gig is still active, then we can see the feedback, however, once the gig is erased, there is no feedback directly connected to the person. Please prove me otherwise.

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