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I got a new order. 


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On 12/25/2023 at 1:28 AM, zeeshankhan405 said:

first, I was receiving the brief then by mistake I changed the price now I am not revising the brief on high or low prices how can I rest it or what should I do to again receive the brief again now the price is 10 dollar set still not receiving

If you mistakenly changed the price and are not receiving the brief, try resetting your price to the desired amount, and contact the platform or client support to inquire about the issue. They can assist you in resolving any problems with a brief reception.

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5 hours ago, damithkulatu710 said:

All the best!


4 hours ago, shamima1718 said:



4 hours ago, shahadat_aroun said:

Congratulation and keep doing that



2 hours ago, jakiyakhatun94 said:



2 hours ago, anoar_ said:

CONGRATULATIONS Make buyer happy by doing the work very carefully and well


33 minutes ago, maliha__jannat said:



26 minutes ago, zamirulislam006 said:



26 minutes ago, anoar_ said:

Congratulations, do whatever it takes to make the buyer happy and best of luck


12 minutes ago, optisolve said:

Congratulations and best wishes!


8 minutes ago, anoar_ said:


Most Welcome everyone. Keep me in your prayers!

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