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  1. Use Fiverr Search box it is the best way to find keywords. Just write your service a little bit and you will get a lot of keywords πŸ’
  2. Well Done, you are doing very well . Keep it up!
  3. Be patient. do some key word research and Do img SEO.
  4. Best of luck brother, Just do hard work, 100% you will succeed.
  5. Welcome brother, very nice to see you with us 😍
  6. Hello and welcome brother. Ramadan Mubarak. Very very nice to meet with you, I am also from Bangladesh. Just keep working hard and many many Good wishes for you πŸ’
  7. When you creating your gig make sure - 1.You upgrade your tittle SEO 2. Select one keyword or one service in for one gig 3. Make your gig img description similar to your gig description It will work for ranking your gig in search engine ☺️
  8. Welcome and Good wishes for you. Best of luck πŸ’
  9. I will suggest you to share your gigs in social media (like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook) it will help you to reach more people!
  10. Hy welcome. Have a great time πŸ’
  11. Yes Possible Its possible with mobile app . go to your profile on fiverr mobile app .turn on seller mode.go to My gigs.press and hold your gig for 1 secit will select your gig and you can delete and activate/pause your selected gig. let me know if it works or not πŸ˜‡
  12. You can Delete/pause/activate your gig on mobile app- Turn On your Seller ModeGo to My gigsTap and hold you gig (which one you want to delete/pause/activate)by following this step you will notice that you gig is selected and you can see the top right corner there will be 2 icon for Deleting and Active/pause .
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