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What is "order delivered" supposed to mean?


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I ordered some artistic work to be done, and the seller has marked the order as delivered, but I have never actually seen it yet because it is still in the international mail.

I was allowed to delay delivery one time, but not long enough to cover the time for mailing, and now Fiverr has auto-completed the order before I've ever seen what the seller did.

Should the seller have waited til I received it to mark it as delivered, or is this how Fiverr intends their system to work? 

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Sellers deliver the work after completion through the 'final delivery' on the order page. Post that, buyers get the option to accept the delivery (if its up to their liking & satisfaction) or to request revisions

System provides 3 days (72 hours) to the buyers to check the delivery and respond to it. But if buyers don't respond to the delivery within the stipulated time, then the system marks the order as complete.

In your case, the seller didn't mark the order as complete but it is the system which has marked it complete after 3 days. 

Recommended course of action would be to check the work once you receive it and message the seller if you require any changes/edits. 

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9 hours ago, jamesstewart382 said:

I am pretty familiar with the process, considering I just went through it.  My question remains:

Is the "delivered" status intended to mean "work completed", or does it mean "work delivered to buyer"? 

Because of international mailing timelines, those are NOT the same thing.

In this case, it means work completed (as Fiverr completed the order.) Delivered just means that it was delivered to you and you should be able to check it to see if you need revisions / etc.

My biggest concern is in this case: how come they (from what I understand) never showed you even a photo / scan of the artwork? I feel like that would be a lot easier to ensure that you're happy with the work before they post it / etc. Did you ask them to show it to you? 

Does the seller seem ready to communicate with you (if you need revisions / etc.?)

Fiverr does offer - some - services that can be sent through the post / etc. but it's not the main purpose of the site so I wouldn't be surprised if it just operates as a normal order (which  seems to the case.)

I would try to talk to the seller or eventually contact support to see what can be done to be honest. 

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These are a couple of help pages releated to it (maybe there are others - or maybe you could contact CS at the helpdesk about it).



To facilitate a smooth transaction, it's vital to communicate all specifics regarding the order. This includes, but is not limited to, describing the appearance of the product, sharing pictures and any other pertinent information before the shipment takes place.

And also says:


For shipped Gigs, once an item is delivered, the buyer has 14 days to respond and post a review. 

So that extra long time for the buyer to review (compared to non-shipped deliveries) should help give the buyer more time to check. But you could ask the seller to show you an image of what has been sent.


Follow these steps to update your Gig package prices to include shipping costs: 

Go to Gigs that include shipping > Edit Gig.

Go to the Pricing tab:

In the Shipping section, unselect the shipping option.

In the Packages table, two actions are required:

For Shipping: Select it to let buyers know your Gig price includes shipping.

For Price: Update your prices to include a flat-rate shipping fee.

If necessary, update Delivery Time.

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