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How to rank my fiverr gig?


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2 minutes ago, uzzal33 said:

You stay online and stick to it

Unfortunately staying online does nothing. Promoting your gigs is the best way to generate some traffic and potential sales.

21 minutes ago, marufhusain said:

I am a B2B lead generation expert


I will say what others will say as well, if you are an expert in lead generation, then you should know how to generate leads for your gig.. But, as mentioned earlier, promoting your gigs is maybe the best way to fulfill this goal.

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24 minutes ago, hazelweb said:

you should explore different gigs on fiverr and look how people represent yourself in market and then make your gig according to competation.

Copying others is not an option. The OP is a lead generation specialist, if he is great at generating leads for others, I am sure he can do that for himself too.

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23 hours ago, marufhusain said:

Hi my name is Maruf Hossain 

I am a B2B lead generation expert

And I'm all about fiverr  lead generation Did seven gigs 

But I have not received any order yet

what should i do now

Please check and have a look attentively how the top rated sellers set up their gig in the same category. Don't copy paste. Take an idea looking their gigs and set the gigs up accordingly. Of course, banner image should be professional and eye catching.

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