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MISSING: "Positive feedback". Last seen: 2019.


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In the shockingly upbeat Q1 report from Fiverr, CEO Micha Kaufman sprinkled some corporate fairy dust, claiming:

“Since moving to the semi-annual product release cycle last year, we have received very positive feedback across our community” 

What I've seen, are posts claiming that Fiverr's gamification of our careers is causing mental health issues. One seller even experienced hallucinations due to stress and lack of sleep because of Fiverr, allegedly. 

Several million-dollar sellers have abandoned the platform due to these changes, the relentless pressure Fiverr places on its sellers, and a noticeable decline in the quality of leads.

But perhaps the positive feedback comes from investors? 


Or perhaps not. 

One has to wonder, where exactly is this “positive feedback” hiding? If someone finds it, do let me know  I’ll be here, not holding my breath.

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What bothers me the most is that a lot of the things could be fixed relatively easily. 

Explaining the new systems (or altering them a bit based on the feedback of the majority of the sellers (and buyers) or even just making sure the site's communication with sellers isn't so harsh isn't such a hard thing to do. 

Change is fine- but change that seems to affect even investors so negatively can't be good. 

I think a lot of us are affected (and it's honestly not just AI and business trends changing... there's a lot more to it (and for me, it starts with a system that still seems buggy almost 2 months into implementing it.



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