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how to get your first order on gig


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3 hours ago, mj_shaad said:

make yor gig thumbnails simple and meaningful, use most relevant keywords and most importantly share your gig link on all social media platforms that you are use.for exemple 

Just copy-paste your Fiverr URL will not work. Try to do proper marketing.

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Getting your first order on the Fiverr platform can be challenging, but with some effort and strategy, you can increase your chances of success. 

1. Create an appealing gig.
2. Set competitive pricing
3. Optimize your gig for search
4. Promote your gig
5. Be proactive and responsive

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contact to seller before placing the order. also consider new and level1 sellers 98% chance is that you get professional and dedicated freelancer in very low cost .direct massage also give you chance to choose best one freelancer for your project . i hope it's help you to get best mate for your business journey .

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I also think same like you. Cause contacting with seller gives more benefits to the buyer and seller. Before moving forward if both knows the clients requirements then, it will be easier to set price, estimate time to complete everything will be going smoothly.

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