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Why are there so many scammers trying to contact me?



Dear Fiverr community,

I made a Fiverr account a long time ago and never used it, that is until yesterday however. After getting many certifications I thought I could use my skillsets to help buyers get the right product, for the right price, and, receive great quality.

There is just one slight issue. My messages are filled with a lot of scammers who message me every few minutes after each other. It's rather frustrating and further complicates my market research so I can replace my place holder gigs. I'll be trying to work and study then, I get a message. Scammer. I get another one, Scammer. It just dose not stop!

Do you have any ideas to stop spammers from contacting me?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sincerely - c_rice


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Thats it? nothing more to say than just " report them " and live with it? i get around 20 notification daily! its annoying and totaly frusttrating. i already deletet the app on my mobile and i just now disabled the email notification. 

im sick of reporting 20 scammers daily. i feel more like a bot. Its fiverr's job not mine to detect them

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