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No one can tell you a specific reason. And a lot of people have trouble getting orders. It can be anywhere from people not needing the type of service you provide, the fact that you have a lot of competitors with more expreience or better prices, but also low performance the past few weeks or months. It can be a lot of different stuff. 

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You claim to offer services in Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, French, English and German.  Are you seriously telling us that you speak that many languages? as your profile states differently.  So it makes me think that you're probably using a translation app which is not stated in your gigs. 


  • English  - Basic
  • Urdu (اردو) - Native/Bilingual
  • Spanish (Español) - Basic
  • French (Français) - Basic

Your customers are probably asking the same question, which is a bit misleading, and the main reason I think you're not getting customers  

Happy to be corrected if this is not the case.   

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