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Good and Bad news for Pakistan


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I have one big news which is good for few and bad for most.

United States Dollar rate for Pakistan Rupee has been increased up to 270pkr.

So what's now ?


  • Pakistan freelancers or anyone earning in USD are benefiting.  (Congrats Pakistani freelancers working here ! 🥳)


  • Any pakistani who buys foreign products and in USD will be in loss. (So sad. Please accept my condolence 😟)

Also I predict, this will remain stable or will go even more higher. But won't gonna get less, as we have seen past track.


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24 minutes ago, newsmike said:

Currencies fluctuate every day and every hour. 

Japan was going through quite a lot of problems because of the yen going down down dooooooooooown.
Fortunately for me, I get paid in dollars so I was quite happy when I converted them to yen.
That was a while ago though, I think things are slowly going back to normal...but oh wait, and then it went up again...then down.
And up and down, repeat. Who knows what it will be like tomorrow! 😅

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30 minutes ago, muzaffar78600 said:

Dear you if dollar increase the prices of things also increase so the thing is same

More specifically "Prices of foreign products" only.

But most of things in Pakistan are local made, which won't effect.

Imagine of food items flour, rice, vegetables...
Local properties, furniture, Electrical appliance...

Architecture tools: cement, marble...


Pakistan is paradise (if you have dollars 😅).

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@grayprogrammerz the most common reasons. 

 (i) historical reputation of external markets of pakistan.

(ii) behavior of exchange rate. During July-September 2020-21 remittances increased by 31 percent from USD 5.452 billion in 2019-20 to USD 7.147 billion in 2020-21, i.e  adding USD 1.694 billion dollars to for-ex reserves.

due to the increase of usd value the prices of products are increased which effect the life of common peoples.



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As a Country Increasing of Dollar rates will affect all your day to day activities cost even toothpaste, So freelancers earning will not sufficient to reduce the gab. as a sri Lankan I have been facing this problem , but im never happy as a freelancer  when Dollar rates increases

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