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You could contact them to find out the exact reason it was denied if it doesn't say more info than what you've shown.

There's lots of gigs that mention Amazon (including hundreds by TRS) so I don't really see why that one was denied. If it wasn't because of the gig title maybe it could have been something in the gig description/video that seemed like it was overly promoting amazon. But checking with customer support could let you know more specifically what is and isn't allowed for those sorts of gigs.

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3 hours ago, freekhan12 said:



my one gig denied . I got review on my gig . fiver denied my gig . 


please can I active the gig again ?





screenshoteasy (2).png

screenshoteasy (1).png

Hello too

I think "killer" is an inappropriate word to use in the title. That might be the reason!

Contact Customer Support regarding it! 

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