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PSA: "The News" is dead.


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1 hour ago, andymoorevoice said:

Quote from Mel Brooks.

Like Mike, I've been inside the media and news machine, plus I've been further down the conspiracy rabbit hole than most, I don't trust a damn thing I see on a television, hear on the radio or see in the press, it would be mental self-harming to trust entities like those with a long history of pathological lies.


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21 hours ago, callyofficial said:

Best thing I ever did was stop watching TV.

Yes, me too, two decades ago, but they've since found ways to shove news in our face nearly everywhere we go. I literally plan visiting my friends' houses away from news hours. The problem is that...they keep adding more news hours.

23 hours ago, newsmike said:

Reason 1,246 not to take medical advice (or any other) from the smiling meatheads on your TV or PC. 

It's The Science. Wheaties, Cheerios, Lucky Charms, and pineapples bathed in high fructose corn syrup are more nutritious than meat or eggs, experts say. 

Limitations of the Food Compass Nutrient Profiling System: https://osf.io/preprints/socarxiv/eu578/


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34 minutes ago, mandyzines said:

experts say. 

Yep, absolute BS from "experts", carb heavy, which causes blood sugar to spike = diabetes and obesity. If the bottom section were moved to the top, would be far healthier.



Belgian "Health Minister"  (also see Ireland, Quebec and US) 


Belgium Health Minister Obese / Morbidly Obese Belgian Health Minister ...

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