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New Buyer's don't know how to rate?


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I have been experiencing this issue i don't know what to do with this. I dealt with new buyers and it has been like very good from both side communication and service as well and they even tell it was good working with you and they like the work and or satisfied but when they give review, they give reviews like 3.3, 4.3, and 4. Which real hurt the profile of seller and seller too. Now i have been thinking to avoid new buyer because whenever i dealt with them it happened to me. What should we do?

I appreciate your suggestions Thanks


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53 minutes ago, alimasror said:

they like the work and or satisfied

 The buyer who gave you 3.3 stars didn't like the work you delivered, according to their review.

And "delivered what was promised" reviews often mean that yes, the seller did deliver as advertised, but the delivery wasn't fully to the buyer's liking (that one is basically unavoidable from time to time if you offer anything creative).

When I look at those reviews, it doesn't seem to me that buyers don't know how to rate, it seem like they didn't like your work enough to give you 5 stars.

As for what to do, when something like that happens to me, I try to figure out what I could have done better, and then I implement it in the future orders.

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Really satisfaction level is differ from buyer to buyer, also i think there is no proper or perfect way to measure the quality of works like graphic, music or video editing fields. i suggest that review system must design to get only idea to new buyers only. not for the performances of the gigs

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