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I haven't had an order in 4 months.


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3 hours ago, josh4r said:

I have tried everything. I

Sorry, I went and checked your gig and I'm afraid you haven't.

"hi my name is joshua and im very reliable."
This is the first thing I read when I checked your profile. Notice anything? If you don't understand what I am trying to tell you, you"re not ready to work on Fiverr yet...

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Creating the best profile and best gig on Fiverr won't help the new seller's anymore because of Buyer Request that was eliminated. For new seller to get order for now is very hard unlike before. I think Fiverr is boring for we the new seller's at the moment. We are just hoping for the best. 

Still try to do the needful to your gig to look best for yourself because that's the online it can attract buyer's who might scroll through gigs before requesting for your service. 

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