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I got delivered plagiarized work and I have proof, but the seller won't cancel.



I usually order from fiverr for different projects and I never faced this problem before where someone just copies and pastes the answers and the answers that are not plagiarized are wrong. I confronted the seller with proof of the incident he denied it and said that the work is all original and he didn't plagiarize . So I gave him another chance and told him if he can deliver me original answers I will accept the order, but he didn't deliver. I really didn't want to do this but I decided to cancel the order. The problem is he is refusing to cancel and wouldn't respond to any of my messages and I don't know what do anymore. I also explained to the customer support the problem when I canceled and I will provide the proof since I can't attach anything but didn't get a response either.

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1 hour ago, mranonymous310 said:

other than using "Resolution center"?

Resolution center is not a customer support. Resolution Center is when you open a dispute and it goes to a seller to accept cancellation or approve it. 
To open a ticket with support you need to go to fiverr help page, scroll down and press big green contact us button, explain your situation and attach proof of plagiarism 


Bu the way, what kind of answers you were ordering from a seller? Is it for an assignment? 

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