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I am a new seller in the fiver and fiver community.


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20 hours ago, monniakter_ said:

How can I improve my account? and how can I get orders fast?

I have just had a conversation with you on Fiverr as I was confused as to why someone with a portfolio such as yours was struggling for work.  (Yes, that was me)  You have claimed to have built some pretty big websites (Particularly in Europe) These are on your gig images. Yet when questioned about them you said they were not yours.  You then showed me a portfolio of sites that had websites that have been clearly been designed by other people. 

You're a fraud!  and it makes web developers like me really angry that you think you can get away with it.  I have reported you to Fiverr and the companies that you are claiming to have built the websites for.  

So here is my advice on improving your account.  Don't try and play the system as you'll get found out! 

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