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fiverr buyer Request get Clients


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hi there i  only foused  on Mentor ::

you see  that i get 

2 cleint  for  Buyer  Request 

you see the  conservation between them, and  both  got a  past work sample  i send them .png format 

but not response me  what should i do  ??? 

ūüėź¬†My bad¬† luck they not Response me !!¬† Suggest me best thanks in Advance¬†¬†

thanks  . hasnain_099

Profile :  https://www.fiverr.com/hasnain_099 






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7 minutes ago, hasnain_099 said:

but not response me  what should i do  ??? 

Hi @hasnain_099 - Buyers are free to talk with you also long as needed to determine if your services are right for them. If they don't feel like your services will help them, they will stop communicating with you. So if they don't respond, just move on. You don't need to continue the conversation on your end. Buyers will let you know if they want to buy your services or not.

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Hello @hasnain_099- it,s happenes sometimes. Whenever buyer want a sample work, deliver them with water mark or miss something and add quote this is the way i will proceed on. It will urge them to taik with you and also you will be on safe side. If you deliver them actual work then there is no option left they will place order with you, might be they got in free what they want 

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4 hours ago, hasnain_099 said:

so  which source  (medium)   i  send them samples  (google  drive ,, dropbox  link ) ?

If it's just an image or a few then attaching them on Fiverr is fine.

If you're attaching past work make sure you have the permission from that past buyer if it was done for a buyer.

Also the first person who messaged you said "pls share me a sample of your talents with this photo". She was saying the lighting/shadows were bad in that photo. What you could have done if you wanted is to adjust the lighting/shadows in the photo the user attached and then, after adding a watermark over it, attach it as a (rough) sample of what they could get. That's a free sample though (which you might not want to do) but watermarked to make it harder to use without an order. But the reason why the first person didn't continue might have been because you didn't provide the sample using their photo, but provided a different sample instead.

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