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  1. The default settings work fine for me.
  2. It depends on the overall quality of the gig.
  3. What are you trying to sell? Perhaps you are attempting to sell something that is not allowed on Fiverr, or maybe you are copying someone else's gig details.
  4. You don't have to run promotions anywhere else. Just make sure to have an overall quality gig. To achieve that, read seller tip articles on the forum, do thorough research, and implement those changes to your profile and gigs.
  5. Buy him a better phone, uncle, to receive notifications. 😄
  6. This is a total lie, literally. Most of the sellers on the first page reply instantly. I would do the same if I'm not sleeping. If you really think like a buyer, ask yourself what you would see when you search for a service. It's going to be an attractive thumbnail, not that green dot. The next thing you're going to check is the budget. I have bought three gigs so far, and I never toggled the "show online sellers" filter.
  7. Exactly, because you are not a robot!
  8. What's low is your conversion rate (if those clicks are organic). So, work on that.
  9. That's so unreal. To get the same number, tell your friend to request a replacement from the service provider. He only has to confirm his identity if the number really belongs to him.
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