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Buyer wanted cancellation for no reason and now my account gets affected by it



Hello, the buyer wanted to cancel the order after placing it and said I have different plans for the project so I don't need this project anymore. Since the project was a game prototype build and it was large(24 days and +500 dollars) I thought it would be best to mutually agree on cancellation since the buyer would leave a bad review and that would be something I really don't want. But now, even though the cancelation is completely on buyer, my account's stats gets affected by it. I would like to know if there's anything to fix this.

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Hi @edipyektaglr - If a buyer cancels with the reason of "ordered by mistake" the cancelation won't affect your seller stats. You might still be able to show Customer Service screenshots of your customer's messages saying that they don't need the project anymore. They may still be able to make adjustments so that it doesn't affect your seller stats. 

In the future, cancel following these steps:


Also, always reach out to Customer Support whenever you are canceling due to buyer error so it won't hurt your seller statistics. You can submit a ticket for your most recent cancelation here:


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