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  1. Almost every day I'm getting a notification from fiverr saying "Action Required: Increase Your Visibility By Completing Gig Information". When I click on the notification it sends me to the pricing page on the gig but It there aren't any indicators of what I need to fix at all. I'm usually getting around 500-1000 Impressions per day, but it drops to 100 when I don't click on the notification for that day. When I click on it and then click on save without touching anything else however It goes back to the 500-1000 for that day. How can I fix this issue ?
  2. Thanks a lot. I sent a request to support center and they fixed it already
  3. Hello, the buyer wanted to cancel the order after placing it and said I have different plans for the project so I don't need this project anymore. Since the project was a game prototype build and it was large(24 days and +500 dollars) I thought it would be best to mutually agree on cancellation since the buyer would leave a bad review and that would be something I really don't want. But now, even though the cancelation is completely on buyer, my account's stats gets affected by it. I would like to know if there's anything to fix this.
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