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I am not getting rank on Fiverr.



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@mr_apurbo Please read!!!

I made this comment to another freelancer who carries out data entry only 24 hours ago!

A key part of a data entry clerk is the integrity of the data you hold.  Your gig images show the name, email address and place of work of your clients. in some cases they have phone numbers and other key information.   In the UK this would constitute a major data breach in data security, I'm sure that other countries around the world would have a similar stance.  You have no right to advertise this data, and it's quite frankly worrying.  This is the reason that people get spammed!!!! 

So why would anyone order from you if they feel their data would not be treated securely and flashed around Fiverr?

I suggest that you review your privacy policy and think of another way to advertise your gig.


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@breals <- this user is absolutely right. Please make sure to read this and make the adjustments needed before doing ANYTHING else. It is not appropriate to post personal information like this publicly. 

Once that is done. regarding improving your gig:

Learning to search through the forum is the best way to learn how to improve your gig, stats, orders, etc on Fiverr.
Since the same questions are posted every single day and hundreds of people have spent hundreds of hours answering them. 


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