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I'm starting to notice a slight competition between my two dear friends @smashradio and @damooch916 in the area of thesaurus writin', flowery storytellin' and 20,000 word, fancy pants memoir with a touch of a "who is John Galt?" twist, though told with a Steinbeck sort of vibe tipping its hat to 1960's narrative in the voice of Norman Mailer in "The New Yorker."  

I remain on the sidelines as such:


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Totally different. He deals in factual, punctual, genuine guidance and steady observation with touches of human whimsy. 

I deal in the satirical, in parody and surrealistic perversity with a touch of misguided Lynchian absurdity.

We don’t overlap, so it’s fairly complementary and there’s room for both.  

Edit: I see plenty of people veer wildly (and poorly) into my lane. @smashradio isn’t one of them. Personally I think his observations, as different from mine as they are, make for top notch content. I don’t see us doing the same shtick at all and I think we’re secretly in the same club. FYI you’re in that club too. We’ll mail your button. 

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If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and try again.
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4 hours ago, theratypist said:

Hahahaha, I think they serve two different audiences but I am a fan of both for sure! 

Smash is the guy you call when you need to build the house. 

Mike is the guy you call when you need the house builders whipped into shape. 

Frank is the guy you call when you want to see the homes of the future. 

Jon is the guy you call when you want instructions on what to avoid while building houses. 

And I’m the guy you call when the house has gone Gomorrah and you need it torched without survivors. Plus, I replaced your home with a rabbit hole. Also, merry unbirthday to you. 

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