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10 hours ago, victoria_anime said:

Hello, I want to ask some question. is it possible to get order on fiverr without sending offer or promotion? and also in what way is that possible

Hi @victoria_anime, I see that you have a 5-star review and your buyer was very happy. Keep that up!

The best ways to get orders without sending offers or promotion is to do good work and give your buyers the best customer experiences possible. Quality work and good customer experiences leads to happy customers:

1. Happy customers will leave you good public reviews - this gives you credibility with potential buyers who visit your gigs.

2. Happy customers will leave you good private reviews - this will help your gig will rank better in search. You may also qualify for badges such as "Rising Talent" and "Fiverr's Choice."

3. Happy customers will keep coming back - your regulars will keep your business going during the slow and busy times.

4. Happy customers will recommend your services to their family and friends - this is free advertising for you and gets you more orders.

Please make sure your gigs are also optimized in the best way. You can read this post here:


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