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Can someone help me with the description error please


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I keep getting this error “Description may not contain an offer for direct communication. Reminder: Communicating with other users outside of Fiverr is not permitted. See our Terms of Service for more info.”


Here's my description



Welcome everyone!

Are you looking for the person who's gonna transform your thoughts into a real piece of art? 

Then you are in the right place.


I'm the one who thinks that sometimes You don't need Words to describe or ay something, you let ART peak for itself.



About this Gig

Let's make your imagination become reality!

Unique, Creative, Exclusive & full of meaning.

You want to share your thoughts through art, so when someone looks at the illustration, suddenly will understand something that 500 words could not describe?

I can help you out with this!



Why choose me?🤔

•Quick response

•Quality of work & dedication

•Fully customised

•100kg of patience

• I'll offer more than 1 idea and my client will choose which one is more for him

•I am flexible, which means that we can swap or change the details on the artwork and you can contact me at any time


You can see other of my works on my Instagram page @exigraphics



NOTE: Please contact me before placing an order.


 Thanks for your attention!


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Lots of sellers say "contact me before placing an order" though.

I think it's probably the "see my works on my instagram page where you then have  an @ sign and the instagram address. I'd remove that.

Instagram isn't in Fiverr's list of approved URLs either.

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