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Found 18 results

  1. For some reason when I upload my work to my buyer it gives me a full site error and gives me a promt to reload the site. I have tried clearing my browser cache and uploading multiple times. How do I fix this, thank you for anyone who knows.
  2. Hey! I am somewhat new to Fiverr and have been utilizing their services primarily as a buyer. I have been having a lot of issues the past couple of days with the website. It seems to freeze about 80% of the time when I click on the notifications icon (top right), or the heart icon (top right as well). I don't even know what the heart icon does because I only clicked it to test this bug. I currently use Firefox on PC. To help any developers who may happen to see this, I do happen to have a lot of notifications as I have been working with a large number of sellers, but it certainly shouldn't warrant a freeze. Every single other notable website works perfectly. I am just asking to confirm that this is an issue on the development end of the website, not an issue with my computer. I am just surprised because otherwise, I have had a wonderful experience with the site so far. Anybody else getting this problem? Thanks in advance...
  3. I'm available for custom orders, drop me a message and I'll be back to you in less than 24 hours - thanks! Yet, can not message the seller for some reason. All I got is an gray box. The seller can message me but can not message them back? Do I have to wait until Monday?
  4. Hello community people, Whenever I try to link my Stack Overflow account to my Fiverr account, I just cannot add the account. A window pops up saying - "This window will close automatically." (I have attached the message image) The pop up window then closes itself automatically. After that, the Stack Overflow account is never added to my Fiverr profile. Please tell me how I can link this to my Fiverr account. Thanks a lot.
  5. I have added all of my social accounts to Fiverr. The problem arises when I attempt to add my stack overflow profile. It shows everything is fine. But finally, the account did not add to my profile.
  6. Hello good day, I am having a problem, when I put my cell phone number to verify my account and start selling on your platform, I get the error: "there's something wrong with this number fiverr" is there any way to fix it? I have entered it in many ways and it is always blocked for 24hs. I have deleted cookies, used different browsers, etc. and I still can't verify it, is there a possibility to contact me by chat with the support and have them send me the manual code? Thank you very much. Best regards, atte. Santiago!
  7. When I try to publish a new gig in the writing & translation section, I receive a 404 error in the English test. I contacted support and followed their instructions to clear cookies and cache, use incognito mode, and wait 24 hours before attempting again. I even attempted to run the test on a different Windows computer. Unfortunately, nothing is working. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it? Screen Recording 2022-10-17 at 11.35.09.mov
  8. I keep getting this error “Description may not contain an offer for direct communication. Reminder: Communicating with other users outside of Fiverr is not permitted. See our Terms of Service for more info.” Here's my description Welcome everyone! Are you looking for the person who's gonna transform your thoughts into a real piece of art? Then you are in the right place. I'm the one who thinks that sometimes You don't need Words to describe or ay something, you let ART peak for itself. About this Gig Let's make your imagination become reality! Unique, Creative, Exclusive & full of meaning. You want to share your thoughts through art, so when someone looks at the illustration, suddenly will understand something that 500 words could not describe? I can help you out with this! Why choose me?🤔 •Quick response •Quality of work & dedication •Fully customised •100kg of patience • I'll offer more than 1 idea and my client will choose which one is more for him •I am flexible, which means that we can swap or change the details on the artwork and you can contact me at any time You can see other of my works on my Instagram page @exigraphics NOTE: Please contact me before placing an order. Thanks for your attention!
  9. I've been trying to pay for a gig but constantly getting payment errors. The two errors I get are: "Sorry, we were unable to process your payment," "translation missing: en.error.finance.pay.error.gateway_error.title" My bank says that the problem is not on their end and their VISA cards always work with Fiverr: "This is not an issue from our end. Please contact Fiverr customer support in this regard. All we are getting is a reversal hit, also known as a temporary hold transaction. The reversal transaction is getting initiated by Fiverr. Please contact their support team in this regard." I've contacted them multiple times and they constantly say that everything's fine on their end. I contacted the Fiverr customer support and this is what I got in reply: "According to the information that I see, it appears that Fiverr did not receive the funds for the transaction. If a pending transaction appears on your bank statement, then note that it is being canceled and the hold/reservation your bank put on the funds is being released. You should see the funds in your credit card balance within the next 2-10 days." I don't understand this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. So for the past 15 hours whenever I click on and start any Fiverr skills test it brings up the error message shown below, I have no idea how to fix this.
  11. A few minutes ago, I opened the Fiverr website on my computer and went to the buyer requests page. But the page froze and keep loading. I closed the tab and again opened Fiverr in a new tab but it showed that there were too many requests from my IP. It is fixed now, but I am very tense about it. Because people say that any Errors like these might lead to a Ban. Will there be any problem for this in future?
  12. All of a sudden this problem is happening in Fiverr & after a while it is getting better again. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?
  13. No puedo terminar de crear el perfil del concierto porque me borra las palabras que escribo en el resumen del servicio antes de prguntas frecuentes, no puedo terminal el concierto 2021-10-13_18h21_53.mp4
  14. I was trying to open the file attached with buyer request but this happened. Guys tell me about this. Thanks
  15. I have recruited a couple friends and family members to give me some work via Fiverr but every time they try to buy my gig, their payment won't process. Any ideas why?
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