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Why Was My Gig Denied?



Hi all!  This morning, I posted a gig offering to proofread psychology related research papers and essays to check for proper grammar and APA formatting.  Within seconds, it was denied.  I checked the community guidelines, and the only thing I could find that sounded similar was that legally we can't write papers on behalf of students.  As that isn't my intention, I contacted customer support.  They pointed to that specific guideline as the issue.  I asked for clarification twice, further explaining that I had no intention of doing anyone's homework for them.  Each time, the service provider sent me a copy-and-paste of that guideline and refused to elaborate on how that applied to my proofreading post.  

I'm confused because this is a service that I completely legally offer as a tutor elsewhere.  Every college in the US has the option for students to have their work reviewed in this way.  Can anyone explain why I can't offer this on Fiverr/what I'm missing when I read the community guidelines?

Thank you in advance for your time!

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