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How can I get more orders quickly by in my gigs? advise me and help me.


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10 hours ago, smarjana_82 said:

After waiting for six months,

Just waiting doesn't work!

This topic may be helpful to you:  

"No knocks and orders coming recently" (from your heading)

Tip: Suggest you use the word "contact" instead of "knock" in your communications as that will come across as more professional.


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3 hours ago, smarjana_82 said:
25 days no order. Gig 3 is on the page number. Please help me.

I would suggest that you need to make sure you are honest in your qualifications and descriptions. For example, I compare your profile picture with the alleged "client reviews" on your website, and notice that there is a huge problem. Fiverr is competitive to begin with, but dishonesty is a sure success killer.


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