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For newcomers, at least how many hours should be active in Fiverr?



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As a newbie, you need to active at least 12 hours. In this period of time, you can upgrade your skills, gig marketing and active in forum for any kind of help or suggestions. 

Remember, both platform are totally different. If you stay active all time in forum that's not helping you to get any order. But it is helpful for your gig suggestions or something else. This is my experience which I am sharing with you. It totally up to you which kind of suggestions you gather. Thanks. 

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Im so tired of this topics asking how many hours to stay online. You want to waste your time while getting zero orders? Then go ahead and stay online as much as you want. 
The hours that you waste staying online wouldn’t bring you success or orders. If you have bad portfolio then no matter how long you stay online you will not get orders. 
Stop looking for a simple tasks like staying online or put the keywords in your gig, those will never make you successful. 

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