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withdrawal options have been disabled without any explication

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Our first job on Fiverr has been a terrible experience regarding getting our money, with no solution so far. The work with the client was perfect, with brilliant results and a wonderful review from the client. After the 14-day earnings processing period passed, they blocked the option to withdraw our money from the account without any notice or explanation.

Without any apparent, clear, or concise reason, under the constant argument of "it's for your security," they have repeatedly asked us to change our password, send account information through the technical support chat (information that is already entered on the Fiverr platform), and even requested confidential information such as the answer to our security question.

The latest request, which we do not understand at all, is to run an antivirus scan on our computer and send a screenshot. Again, this is under the same argument but without any solution or clarification. Fiverr has taken its share of our earnings, and almost a month later, they still possess our money. We want to share this situation because it has become very suspicious.

We appreciate any ideas and suggestions from those who can help. Greetings from Germany, Francisco & Sibylle.

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