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hello there, I'm working with fiverr since 2018. I just only getting orders from old customers. Nothing new. I always contact customer support about this issue and they simply said promote your gig through social media and use our forum. Bla bla, my gig was only ranked for the first time in 2020 for just few days. Its been 2 years and nothing works more even i got fiverr choice badge last year in december only for 24 hours, suddenly my gig disappeared again and. I really need your valuable comments about this issue. Thank you in advance

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10 hours ago, shabanart said:

I always contact customer support about this issue

There is almost 0% chance this is not a system issue, so contacting support will not yield anything new for you.  As a level 2 seller, with over 300 reviews, you should know how this works.  The article @frank_d wrote, is very much germane to your situation. 

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Mostly, you can't relay on Fiverr SEO it self. It better to do marketing your self. Something like, create regular content, create YT video, post your art, etc.

To get better SEO you need to:

  1. Use correct keyword
  2. Use correct title, desc, and images
  3. Make sure your demand is good enough
  4. Make sure you have good review and orders. Fiverr love sellers that could "make" fiverr generate more revenue.
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You're selling logos. There's nothing on Fiverr that has more competition than that. There are literally hundreds of thousands of logo sellers on Fiverr. You have ten gigs and they're all logos. And your logos are okay, pretty good, but not the best of the best. There's nothing to make you stand out from the other two hundred and fifty thousand logo sellers. One suggestion, your logo animation gig could use some work because there are probably less people doing that - how else could you market that one? Youtube intros, tiktok graphics? And what else can you do that might be less saturated? If you can make a logo you've got a handful of great graphic design skills that you can use for other things. Blaming a system is not going to get you anywhere. If you want to make money on Fiverr with graphic design, you're going to have to think a little more outside the box. 

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