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Buyer wants to call on snapchat



Hi everyone!

I hope everyone's doing well. So this client sent me a pdf to tell me about rhe project a bit and to add them on snapchat so they would call me to explain a project (the pdf had their snapchat information). Is that even allowed? They said they didn't want the call to be recorded thats why they chose snapchat. And told me not to tell anyone about this. I didn't do it. I found it very creepy. None of my clients have ever made this kind of request. 

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22 minutes ago, leannelrivers said:

This is an absolute no-no. Only go through the Fiverr zoom function which is only available to VID and business buyers. Some buyers will innocently exchange email or phone numbers just because they aren't aware of the rules. But snapchat and explicitly not wanting to be recorded? NOOOOOO.

Thank you for this! I told them no and that it's unprofessional. They're probably a scam. Either way I told them no and I'll be careful in the future as well.

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