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  1. 😑 Can you request Fiverr to upgrade it? For example, when a buyer selects an emoji he will also see the rating. or after showing the final rating it will be possible to go back. Now on the current system, there is no way to go back. So it's confusing for new sellers.
  2. Hi Fiverr team We are very happy nowadays Fiverr has given us a few new updated features and those are very helpful to us. But in the review system I mean review review-taking process through the emoji is not giving exact output to the seller. A lot of Bangladeshi sellers use this system to hamper their business. The client doing the good and long positive feedback but they are becoming confused about this system. Very old and good clients become confused about it and sellers get low ratings. People are suggestions for the old review system or upgrading it. Only emoji systems are so horrible for sellers now. So if Fiverr takes it seriously sellers will be benefited Thanks
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