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I Got First Order. Here Some Tips For New Seller.


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Let me introduce myself. I'm Web Developer and work in this field since 2017. Technology is my passion.

I'm new member in Fiverr. Long time ago I know about Fiverr, but not interested at that time, because for me it's too cheap rather than other platform. But I realized something, you must know how Fiverr work and and know your market.

Fiverr little bit different than other platform. Other platform makes seller to send some proposal or bid into client's project. In this platform, buyer come to you when you has good work or something that might buyer interested for you.

Got First Order

My first gigs that got order is about testing a buyer website and give him/her report in:

  1. Excel with all BUG, UI/UX Improvement, and Optimization
  2. Video that explain about all information in Excel

Here What I Do To Make My Gigs Stand Out

More than six month I learn about Digital Marketing topic, and make me know "How do I reach my best potential customer?".

1. Market Research

Always do your research about your niche by using Fiverr Search feature. If you find good gigs with high reviews, than you probable in correct niche.

2. Write Down The Keyword

After you search using Fiverr Search, you might find repeatable keyword or what keyword might buyer type in search. Use it as good as possible in your title.

3. Tags

Use all keyword that you found in point number #2

4. Cover & Images

Create good cover imagas. It hasn't to be so amazing. Just create it with Canva is enough with clear text if you use any text in your cover images.

5. Description

Here some topic that might help you create good description

  • Who you are
  • What you have done
  • What buyer need to do before order
  • What kind of finial result buyer got
  • What you can't do 

Always learn and read from your best competitor. Your competitor is your best teacher for you.

6. Keep Active Login

I don't know if this affect or not, but in my experience, when I keep active, my gigs always got good impressions. 

In other word, imagine if you as Fiverr, which one you recommended?

  1. New gigs, new user, but not active login
  2. New gigs, new user, but active login

Of course, I would choose number #2.

7. Promote, Promote, Promote Everywhere

It might part you hate the most. YES, you must promote your gigs as loud and wide as you can. Here some tips that might help you spread your gigs:

  • Active in fiver forum or other forum. Help each other. It would brand who you are and how good you are in your niche.
  • Twitter: Use search and find your niche active and helping each other
  • Join Facebook Group that has biggest potential in your niche. For example: If I'm web developer want to sell my service, I might join in "Coffee Lover", "Writer/Content Creator", "Small Business Starter", etc

The foundation is same Help Each Other. Don't ever-ever-ever-ever hard selling without any consent and do spamming other, it would hurt you as personal brand or your company brand.


Let me know if you have any tips too. Or might be you disagree with my tips above. Let me know.

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10 hours ago, enunciator said:

There are plenty of sellers without a single order who post advice threads on the forum, so I guess you are a solitary step above them...

I take great exception to these particular "tips" that you listed:


but don't feel like doing a deep dive as to why.  😑

In my opinion, new seller in Fiverr with zero orders doesn't mean they didn't know anything or underestimate their skill. Maybe they have so much portfolios in other platforms, good social media profile, and have several clients in local place they live. 😁

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