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What are the benefits of being in the Fiverr community?


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Benefits are always in the eye of the beholder. Or as my grandfather used to say, “one man’s trash is another man’s trash with duct tape.”

At least I think that was my Grandfather. Older gentleman. Switched his shoes a lot and owned a trolly. That sounds right.   

I assume when you say “community,” you are referring to the community here at the forum. Let me take you on a magical journey; over the highest cloud and through the bluest sky. A trip through the notes of our beautiful forum melody. A voyage - into the fiverr forum:

To the right you’ll see our parrots. They shriek in funny sayings. “Good thread,” or “good information,” or “sometimes there is good information here.” Silly things! Amazing creatures. They speak as though they actually know what they’re saying. 

They don’t. 

Next, notice the fascinating nature of our hall monitors. Busy little things. Don’t they know that life exists beyond their ever present citation of the rules? They haven’t the existential foresight to know that no one cares. No one asked them to monitor… It’s just their instinctual nature. Sadly, they were born without the capacity to feel enjoyment. And webbed personalities. And suspenders. 

Up ahead you’ll see our “Achievers.” Cute little rascals that have “doing your job,” confused for having done “something amazing.” Sweet dreamers, aspiring to live in a world where we all win trophies for having just owned a shelf. Awe… you just keep praising yourself for doing what the rest of us call “being awake,” little guy! 

Shhh! Don’t make any sudden movements! You mustn’t engage our forum rebels. Defiant creatures who feed on the sound of their own voices. They’ve convinced themselves that “uniqueness” is what happens when you’re too irregular to function in a normal fashion. It’s best to just pretend their “humor” is welcomed and not question their choices of drinking non stop coffee and wearing tank tops formally. God forbid that they have a moment of self reflection and interact in a traditional way - or even realize when they’re talking about their own behavior, whilst sitting at their desk, on their black iPhone, in my workout clothes, writing a largely unwanted reply to an already ridiculous question. 

We also have guardians. Mythical creatures with the power to delete your thoughts. Or you. They can also turn your rodent infestation into a transportation system. Which is awesome, but I wouldn’t suggest hanging out past 12. Also, they don’t believe in comfortable footwear. 

It’s all in the Forum rules. 

Obviously, your community membership comes with the standard “perks.” 

* pool passes 

* use of the good bathroom

* 15 percent off at participating Burger Queens 

(yes, that is a real reference

* choice of a first born

* lifetime membership to the forum book club and

* a walk on role on “silver spoons.”


Well, that just about ends our time together. I sure have learned a lot this week. I’m sure you did too. I always love it when we spend this time together. And as always …

It’s such a good feeling

A very good feeling

The feeling you know

that I’ll be back - when the day is new

and I’ll have more ideas for you 

and you’ll have things you’ll want to talk about 

I. Will. Too. 

Bye neighbor. 

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19 hours ago, stojkovic1997 said:

If you dig deep, you can find some useful tips

Dig deep. I mean, really, reaaaaalllllly deep.
Recently I've been doing a lot of digging just to look for posts that I believe are worth reading.
When I find such a post posted by my favorite sellers/buyers I get genuinely excited because I know I wouldn't be reading the repetitive cr@p.
Sadly though, those posts tend to get spammed too eventually with "thnaks for valuable info" replies.

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